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By browsing this site, you will be able to learn more about the artistic life of the singer and actress Elsa Lunghini.Elsa If you do not know Elsa, start by reading her biography. A small tour in his discography will allow you to discover all his albums since the very first released in 1988 (eponymous album). From this discography, you will be able to see the pages related to his music videos. See also Elsa the actress in the pages devoted to her filmography.By staying a little longer on this site, you can discover the pages dedicated to Elsa in the media including on television, radio and in magazines and elsewhere.Elsa participates in various actions such as the Enfoirés, discover the pages devoted to some of her actions.Elsa To go further and if you particularly like Elsa, a side fans is at your disposal. You will discover the interviews done for this site, the photos made by fans on various occasions, some analyzes of texts (currently only realized by Gilles but you can participate too!) And goodies.In the goodies, the virtual magazine realized at the end of the year (begun in 2005): the Fan’mag, a free system of sending cards, quizzes, wallpapers, mp3 (excerpts of songs only To discover Elsa), …If you are a little lost, consult the detailed plan of the site.

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28 May Discover a live acoustic version of Oser on dailymotion and on myspace (video by Erwan Balanant).Elsa Lunghini – “Oser” from her new album sent by Elsa23 May The single Oser is listening on the MySpace of Elsa!Concert dates are scheduled from 2 to 7 February 2009 at l’Européen!21 May Oser The first excerpt from Elsa’s new album is entitled Oser. You can discover this cover on the official website.The mini-series Where are you? Will be broadcast on Saturday June 7th on M6 at 8:50 pm (1st part, 2nd part the following week). Check out a mini-interview on TV Slides.At the end of the first episode, come react on the forum. How did you find this first part? How did you find the game of Elsa? …Do not hesitate to request a chat with Elsa on Universalmusic.16 May The release of the new album is scheduled for Monday, September 29,