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Philosophy Of EducationThe Montessori Philosophy takes the broad view of education as an help and a preparation for life. An crucial aim of education is the full and balanced development of persons, equipping them with the wisdom to reside nicely. Education may possibly be regarded as vocational in the sense of preparing young folks for their calling in life, in all its dimensions, so that what is taught will give severe structure and path to their journey. The quest for excellence at Scots is a quest for human excellence in all its dimensions.

Plato believed that talent was distributed non-genetically and therefore have to be found in youngsters born in any social class He constructed on this by insisting that these suitably gifted had been to be trained by the state so that they may well be qualified to assume the part of a ruling class What this established was basically a system of selective public education premised on the assumption that an educated minority of the population have been, by virtue of their education (and inborn educability), enough for healthy governance.

Brave Hearts Bold Minds is a catchphrase that points to our educational philosophy at Scots. We use it in our advertising to highlight our philosophical priorities for our boys. We want folks to dig below the surface and to comprehend the values that define and refine our culture and practice. Our Brave Hearts Bold Minds brochure provides the broader framework of this philosophy across our four phases of improvement – Early Years, Junior Years, Middle Years and Senior Years.

So it will be seen that there is some universality in these principles of management. However, some writers contemplate that the unique characteris­tics of educational organisations imply caution in as well readily applying management models or practices drawn from non‑educational settings. Let us appear additional at the concept of schools as organisations.

The master’s degree system in philosophy of education prepares students to teach in humanities and social studies programs in secondary schools and colleges. The Ph.D. degree program in philosophy of education prepares professors and teachers of philosophy of education for college- and university-level positions.

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