The RTL Television

Elsa is invited to talk about Restos du coeur. The concert will be broadcast the same evening.

Extract of the concert: As and with G.Darmon.

I made the restaurants, I was always called when I was not especially topical […] It was pretty good.

Medley of Elsa’s Tubes: Snow Day, Bust Me, Eternity, You’re Not Going, Friendship Novel, All the Time, All the Time, Something in My Heart, Gold and Dust , Never we, Cries gently.

Extracted from 2001: The browns do not count for plums.

Excerpt from 1998: Closer to the Stars

Excerpt from 2004: The unhappy singer, Disappeared.

Following the presentation of the programs on the other channels, Elsa adds:
I think very strongly of all those who are on the other channels tonight, that is, I kiss them. (Laughs)

Full frame – France Bleu

Elsa is received by Elodie Suigo for 30 minutes.

About the concerts:
E.S .: A public who was there and who was waiting for you and who supported you, that must be fun. How do you justify that? Because there are still years that have passed, eight years …
Elsa: Yes, they’ve been there, they’ve been there since the beginning and they’ve always been there even when I was not in the news; They were always there and they set up a forum, they discuss among themselves is that of love, that testimonies of love, sympathy, a lot of tenderness and that gives wings to create, to make albums , To work, it gives a lot of inspiration.

Cauet – Fun radio

Elsa is received by Cauet.

Excerpts from live: Something in my heart, Do not go, Connexions.

Diffusion of Connections.

Studio 22 – RTL

Elsa is received by Eric Jean-jean.

Elsa sang My love, The gold and the dust, Under my dress, Connexions, Never us, You do not go.

The fool of the king – France Inter

Elsa is the guest of Stéphane Bern. (Main guests: Youri Djorkaeff and Elsa).

Elsa interpreted Connexions.

My Story – Nostalgia

Emission recorded on December 11, dedicated to Laurent Voulzy. Elsa intervened.

My meeting with Laurent, it goes back quite a long time! I think it’s not going to rejuvenate it, but it’s been a couple of decades (laughs). I started, I was 13 years old and then at the time, I had a guestbook, actually, a trick. At first I had taken a book and then I had the artists I met meet up with Laurent, and Laurent was the first person I signed on my book. I loved him very much and then he was intimidated, finally, Laurent is what, shy, uncomfortable, he always seems to disturb (laughs) but he is super mimi what and voila Then afterwards, it is true that we saw quite a lot. This is someone I really carry in my heart.