Public SchoolAre you preparing for DepEd’s K to 12 curriculum? We must conclude by stating that schools and society are deeply connected as the schools satisfy the complicated objectives of the nations in terms of human resources. Societal decay has started due to the decay of the educational method in our country. As well a lot commercialism, satellite tv and Westernization have carried out far more harm than good.

West Royalty Elementary – Grade 3 students choosing books from the college library. 5. Teacher’s questions & students’ responses: the types of questions the teacher asks for the duration of a lesson, the way students respond, and the way the responses are either reinforced or refuted.

A college is a temple of studying. The foundation of a child is laid in a school and it is strengthened in the college and the university. A good college background helps in constructing the profession of the student. A nicely- groomed child is in a position to contribute a lot more towards his family members, employer and society.

The era of competition, technologies and wooden relationships has taken its toll. The society has degraded due to commercialism, nepotism, higher-tech culture and a passion for the pleasures. Improper or snobbish schooling is responsible for this decay. It is an irony that the students of a convent school learn to waste as much as they want and do not study purposely whereas the village college can not afford even the fundamental educational facilities and books for its children. The youngsters from each these locations are not studying or learning something.

The PSB Strategic Action Plan was developed by undertaking an substantial engagement and consultation method with branch based employees, teachers, administrators and the Board of Directors. Employees had the chance to provide feedback by way of a number of avenues and team activities. The PSB Strategic Action Strategy was formally accepted by way of resolution by the Board of Directors at their Board of Directors Public meeting on June 13, 2018.

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