Elsa regularly participate in the Enfoirés, concerts given for the restaurants of the heart. She has also participated in several programs such as Ensemble contre la SIDA …

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Focus on some actions
Honorary member of Bout de vie since 2003

At the SPA shop, I reserve my purchases Bout de vie … is to help and support amputees whatever their age, the nature, the degree and the age of their mutilation, to have the “keys “And” tools “enabling them to try to grasp, integrate, adapt and overcome their differences by enhancing their potential for life and their sense of self-fulfillment.
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In 2006, Elsa and Franck Bruno participated in the show Vive privé, vie publique to present the association.

Elsa godmother of a solar project … in Bolivia

Elsa godmother of a solar project … in BoliviaElsa godmother of a solar project … in Bolivia
Elsa sponsors the project of six students of Polytechnique de Dauphine and Tolbiac. This project, known as Children of the Sun, has made it possible to train people in renewable energy (for example: solar ovens).