Character Is As Important As Information

Character Is As Important As Information

Philosophy Of EducationThe philosophy of education for Hunting Park Christian Academy is primarily based on the main convictions that are contained in the Statement of Faith.” The following statements identify the principles that apply to the educational approach when viewed by means of the viewpoint of faith. This module will give participants with an introduction to a range of study approaches and strategies. They will also be in a position to engage in specialist troubles and look in detail at sourcing, producing and analysing specific sorts of extant and new research content material. These will incorporate autobiographies, biographies, documents, interviews, life histories, media and multi-media texts, narratives, observations, oral histories, philosophical arguments, statistics and conceptual analysis, photographs and other visual representations, statistics and numeric information. Reading of original source texts of important studies will offer participants with the chance to interrogate the changing and contested nature of education research.

A clear educational philosophy seeks to identify and elucidate broader, often implicit, principles and themes that are not necessarily exemplified in a school’s textbooks or syllabus, but are consistent with the beliefs and values that define and focus the vision and mission.

Education is the science of relations A kid relates to numerous factors and thoughts as a result we train him in physical exercise, nature lore, handicrafts, science, art, and a lot of living books. He demands significantly, varied information that piques his curiosity.

This development is enthusiastically encouraged by the faculty as they attempt to supply a quality education for every kid in a comfy, enjoyable and organized atmosphere. These efforts presuppose parental understanding and approval and call for parental cooperation with classroom teachers. The aim of St. Agnes School is not to supplant parents, but to help them fulfill their obligations.

Observe how it covers the query from the 3 conceivable points of view. Subjectively, in the youngster, education is a life objectively, as affecting the youngster, education is a discipline relatively, if we could introduce a third term as regards the environment of the child, education is an atmosphere.

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