Board Files FY 2018

Board Files FY 2018

Board Of EducationThe Appleton Area College District (AASD) Board of Education appreciates your attendance at meetings and encourages your involvement in public education. Acting investment committee member Steve Juarez, representing State Treasurer John Chiang, brought up Jelincic by name, and questioned Cole about the fees that would be paid to the common partners and their investment staff in the new private equity organization.

Pension method investment officials have not detailed extensively in public how they strategy to get up to that $10 billion number in their top-returning asset class. They have described an atmosphere at investment committee meetings that pits CalPERS against other institutional investors, as they vie to be part of over-subscribed leading-tier private equity funds.

CalPERS’s own investment staff has concluded that the retirement plan would need to make $ten billion in commitments every single year for the pension strategy to keep its 8% allocation to private equity, the Meketa evaluation notes.

The expansion would be managed by a separate organization, funded by CalPERS, that would have the power to make investments with out the approval of the CalPERS board. Much more than 60% of the CalPERS private equity portfolio is in buyout funds. He also mentioned the private equity plan has the full assistance of incoming Chief Investment Officer Ben Meng, who is anticipated to start next month.

In yet another major announcement, Cole also disclosed that CalPERS is scaling back a program announced in 2015 by outgoing Chief Investment Officer Ted Eliopoulos to reduce the quantity of private equity managers from many hundred to 30. In partnership with the community, Monroe County Schools will lift each kid to grow to be a life-long learner who values self and other individuals, has the courage to perform for the higher good, and the tenacity to succeed in a altering planet.

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